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Palmoto Bee - whether doing research, searching for a new job or looking for a best buy - the bee app can help you capture the interesting bits when and as you find them on the internet. You can quickly create collections and lists of data that can be shared and conveniently viewed on your smartphone, tablet or pc - Screen Shot.

Palmoto bee makes internet based research more manageable and useful. Like a bee collecting nectar to make honey you can use the app to capture, curate, store and share data. Apps - Google Chrome app | Getting Started

Palmoto Hoot Mash up Google Drive® spreadsheets, docs, images, maps, and youtube video to create your own mobile learning games. Further Information?.

Integrated Media: Picassa images ?, Google Maps ?, YouTube ?, Google Spreadsheets?, Google Documents?.

Apps: Android App,Chrome App, Web App

mapanno mashup
Audi TT MashUp
Sony eReader MashUp
Picasa MashUp
mapanno mashup

Mash up images, graphics, maps, and text to create your own unique content to publish on your own website/ blog.

Integrated Media: flickr images ?, Google Maps ?, Yahoo Maps ?, SecondLife Maps ?.

Notice: Registrations for mapanno are currently suspended.

Example Mash Up
Google Picasa (instruction / tutorial), Audi TT (marketing), Sony eReader (documentation), Reflective Learning ? (education).

More mash up ? including examples with Google and SecondLife maps.

mapanno markup
mapanno markup examples
You can choose from a growing library of templates: Or, use images, web pages and text documents on the web:
Add visual marker tags and commenting to images, web pages or text documents. Easy to use online application makes discussion and feedback contextual, colorful and informative.

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